Shampoo Production Line

The shampoo production line is composed of shampoo vessel, mixing vessel, dosage barrel, operation platform, control cabinet, filters, pipes, The shampoo vessel serves as the main part of this production line. It is made of inner vessel, steam and cooling water isolating case, outer insulating layer for isolating case, upper speed-adjustable milling device, and material in and out devices. The inner vessel and outer case adopt stainless steel to enhance resistance corrosion and antibacterial property. The shampoo production machine plays an important role in manufacturing products like shower gel, hair conditioner, jelly, shampoo, etc. Our company has relevant production license and all the manufacturing processes are in strict compliance with ISO9001 quality management standards. In addition, we offer free installation and technical support for this shampoo production line. A one-year warranty is provided and machines can be specially designed to meet your need.

Shampoo Production Line

Technical Parameters

Model Cubage(L) Dimension of Inner Vessel (DxH) (mm) Jacket Thickness Jacket Pressure (Mpa) Pressure of Vessel (Mpa) Thickness of Insulating Layer (mm) Power Supply Motor Power (kW) Rotation (rpm)
XB500 500 880x1060 40 <=0.2 Normal pressure 30 380V/50Hz 1.5 10-400
XB1000 1000 1100x1280 50 <=0.2 Normal pressure 50 380V/50Hz 3.5. 10-400
XB2000 2000 1400x1500 50 <=0.2 Normal pressure 50 380V/50Hz 7.5 10-400

Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of shampoo production line in china. To ensure the quality of our products, we have introduced advanced production technologies. Moreover, we procure raw materials in large quantities to reduce the costs so as to deliver reasonably priced machine to our valued customers.
If you have any need, please contact us directly. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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