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Automatic Tube Shoulder Injection Machine B.ZT-III

This machine is independently designed and manufactured by combining advanced mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies. It adopts PLC control system and touch screen HMI, providing high efficiency and easy operation. Our automatic tube shoulder injection machine has the merits of high productivity, low energy consumption, low labor intensity, and stable performance. An auto alarm system exists to provide warning for failures. Through the process of plastic injecting, spitting, squeezing and welding, it can make plastic shoulders for plastic tubes and aluminum-plastic tubes. The formed shoulder is smooth and firm. This tube shoulder injection machine can be linked to our B.GLS-III aluminum-plastic laminated tube machine to establish an automatic tube production line.

Automatic Tube Shoulder Injection Machine B.ZT-III

The machine is composed of the following: precise clearance apparatus, automatic tube-feeding device, fixed volume injecting device, plastic spitting device, mould-closing forming device, mould separating device, automatic tube-releasing device, automatic material-feeding device and cushion container. The two main parts of our machine have been awarded with the national patents, known as the plastic-injecting device and mould turning and fastening device.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Power 16kW
Air Pressure ≥6Bar
Air Consumption ≥0.5m3
Dimensions 3330mm ×2250mm ×3400mm
Tube Diameter Φ19-Φ50mm
Tube Length 55-200mm
Productivity <60 pcs/min
Weight 3500kg
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