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Laminated Tube Making Machine B.GLS-III

The B.GLS-III laminated tube making machine is constructed by combining advanced mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies together. Applying high frequency welding to aluminum-plastic laminated material enables to manufacture various kinds of laminated tube. The output products of this tube making machine have smooth and firm welded seams. By linking it with our B.ZT-III automatic shoulder-injecting machine, an automatic tube production line can be formed. The crucial advantages of this machine are high productivity, low energy consumption, simple and safe operation, low cost, strong stability and easy maintenance. The machine offers automatic warning on failures. The roll re-feeding can take place without stopping the machine.

Laminated Tube Making Machine B.GLS-III

The laminated tube making machine is mainly composed of automatic roll-releasing device, connection platform, storing case, auto margin-cutting mechanism, auto tube-forming device, high frequency welding mechanism, vertical and horizontal traction devices, auto tube-feeding mechanism, automatic synchronous revolving cutting mechanism and computer control system. Will its excellent performance, it has awarded the national patent.

Technical Parameters:

Machine Power 2 .2kW
Power of Cutting Device 1.0kW
Power of High Frequency Welding 15.0kW
Power of Other Welding 0.50kW
Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Max. Productivity 150pcs/min
Dimension 4810mm ×850mm ×1700mm
Weight 3000kg
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