Laminated Tube Making Machine B.GLS-III
The B.GLS-III laminated tube making machine is constructed by combining advanced mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies together.
About us

We is an ISO9001 certified tube making machine and tube filling and sealing machine manufacturer. In order to accommodate any need our customers may have, we offer an extensive line of products, including laminated tube making machine, aluminium tube extruder, vacuum emulsifying machine, liquid filling machine, compound potato slice equipment, self adhesive labelling machine, and more.

At we, our focus on continuous improvement has resulted in our products having the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency and great durability. Hence, our vacuum cream making machines and filling sealing machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toothpaste, food, and many other industries.

We at we are committed to providing superior products to customers all over the world. To accomplish this, we strictly adhere to ISO9001 standards, and use specialized personnel to monitor each production stage, from raw material acquisition to finished product inspection. In addition, we constantly introduce advanced technologies. For example, we manufacture our patented laminated tube making machines using fuzzy control technology which results in low power consumption and high precision. These measures enable us to ensure the quality and performance of our aluminium foil sealing machines, hot stamping machines and vacuum emulsifying machines. As a result, our products are 3C, CE and QS certified, so customers can feel secure in purchasing and using them.

In order to provide quality products at economical prices, we at we continually work to reduce production costs so we can pass the savings on to our customers. Efficient management and integration of enterprise resources, in addition to the utilization of automated equipment like CNC machining centers, help us to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our long term relationships with local suppliers also enable us to acquire quality materials at reduced prices. As a result of these factors, we can offer customers high quality, competitively priced liquid filling machines, packaging machines and food machines.

In order to fulfill customers' needs, we provide complete service, including installation, commissioning and training services. Upon request, we also offer customization and OEM services. Free samples and wearing parts are also available.

As a result of our superior products and services, we tube making machine, packaging machine and food machine are increasingly popular with customers in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan, among other countries. If you have any need for our products, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.